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Water Less, Save More

Order your Aqua Camel Now

Water Less, Grow More

The self-watering pot that makes gardening easy!

Order Your Aqua Camel NOW

Water Less, Live More

Order Your Aqua Camel

Why Aqua Camel?

Conserve Water

With the Aqua Camel, you never have to worry about overwatering your plants. The built-in reservoir provides an air-tight seal, so as water is naturally lost through the top soil and leaves, your plant’s roots will act like a straw to drinkup the exact amount of water it needs for optimal growth.

Save Time

Having trouble remembering to water every day? With the Aqua Camel, you simply fill the reservoir once and walk away for up to 60 days! Now you can travel without having to worry about your plants drying out or asking someone to come do the watering for you.

No Guessing

One of the hardest parts about keeping your plants alive and flourishing is figuring out how much and how often to water them. Eliminate the guesswork with the Aqua Camel. Every time your plant needs a drink, its roots take a sip from the smart water reservoir. Never too little, never too much.

How It Works

Aqua Camel harnesses the natural cycle of watering called evapotranspiration. Water is constantly lost through evaporation from the soil and transpiration through the leaves. As the water is lost, the plant replenishes by drawing the exact amount of water it needs up into its roots from the sealed reservoir, keeping the plants at a constant and perfect moisture level. This natural process leads to healthy roots, more robust plants, and the quality results you desire. The reservoir helps replace what’s lost every day, keeping the plants at the ideal moisture level for optimal growth.

Double-walled plastic

Food-safe material will not fade in sunlight

Built-in reservoir

Holds enough water to last up to 30 days for most plants

Air-tight cap

Provides a complete seal so the water stays with your plant 24-7

Perfect For Everyone!

Busy Moms

Your to-do list is long enough without having to tend to your houseplants! Let Aqua Camel be your plant nanny while you care for your family.


Luggage, check. Passport, check. Plant sitter? Let Aqua Camel be your plant sitter, while you go exploring.

Business Executives

Your schedule can be chaotic, leaving little time for household duties. Let Aqua Camel be your plant keeper so you can work on closing deals.

Urban Farmers

Stop stressing over the limitations of city living and let Aqua Camel help you grow your perfect patio farm!

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