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Just Fill, Go and Let it Grow!

Now anyone can grow beautiful plants with the Aqua Camel self-watering plant system!

How It Works!

The Aqua Camel makes it easy for anyone to cultivate a beautiful garden indoors. Aqua Camel’s unique water delivery system keeps plants hydrated with the exact amount of water they need to thrive. As water is lost off the top of the pot, the soil acts like a sponge pulling up just enough water from the reservoir into the plants roots. Your plant will drink what it needs – no more guessing!

University and field tests both prove that Aqua Camel results in more lush plants, while growers benefit by using a lot less water and spending approximately 65% less time in hand watering plants. Aqua Camel's food-safe polymer material is constructed to last for years, so that it will continue to be your best planter for years to come.

Discover the Aqua Camel Difference!

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