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Frequently Asked Questions

What size Aqua Camel should I order?

The smaller, 1 gallon pot is perfect for seedlings, early transplants, or clones. Use the smaller pot to establish a strong root system before transplanting into the large Aqua Camel. The larger, 3 gallon pot is perfect for plants and transplants of 12” height or more, with established root systems. As the plant grows larger, make sure it has a strong root system before transplanting to the larger pot. This process ensures a better foundation for the vegetation and flowering cycle of the plant.

What potting soils can I use?

Most commercial potting soils are perfectly suitable. You may also use peat moss, perlite, and hydroponic mediums. We recommend that you use brands that use organic and natural ingredients/additives, if possible, but not which are loaded with so many that they are considered “hot”. Coco coir is not a recommended soil.

Do some potting soils/growing mediums work better than others?

We have found those that are denser and contain organic additives work best. Our tests have shown that most planting mediums work, but you can check with your local garden shop for more advice and guidance.

Can I still use fertilizers with Aqua Camel?

Yes, plant fertilizer can be added by hand through top feeding directly onto the soil surface, and liquid fertilizers can be added to the water reservoir.

Can I use Aqua Camel for hydroponic growing?

Yes, absolutely. Use a soluble nutrient in place of water in the Aqua Camel reservoir, and as with all hydroponic growing, it is recommended that you keep your plant in areas that have an ambient temperature of around 70 degrees F (around 21 C). Warmer water in the hydroponic growing can lead to root rot and other complications.

What is the best way to plant my plant in the Aqua Camel?

Fill your Aqua Camel with potting soil or a hydroponic medium. Dampen the medium with water before adding your plant into the pot. Backfill until the pot is completely filled with soil or other medium. Dampen remaining with water. Remove reservoir cap and fill reservoir with water. Replace reservoir cap and watch your plant grow!

Can I use my Aqua Camel outdoors?

Yes, Aqua Camel is a completely sealed system and may be used outdoors. However, because of the sealed reservoir, additional water from rain may not drain properly and cause flooding. We recommend that you place your Aqua Camel under a covered area during inclement weather, or bring inside.

Can I leave my Aqua Camel outdoors during the winter?

Yes, but be sure to empty the water inside of the reservoir.

How often should I refill my Aqua Camel?

Our studies show that both the 1 gallon and 3 gallon pots should hold water up to 30 days. This will vary depending on your climate.

What should I do if my plant dries out?

This could be caused by incorrect planting of your plant. We suggest watering your plant from the top and monitoring. If the problems continues, please contact customer service as there may be an issue with your pot.

What should I do if my plant floods?

This could be caused if the cap of the reservoir is not on tight enough. Please be sure to check this. Other reasons why this would have happened would be if excess water or rain water was poured onto the plant.

What should I do if I left my planted Aqua Camel outside in the rain?

Because the Aqua Camel does not have the ability to drain excess water, if your plant was left out in the rain it may have flooded. If that is the case, we suggest replanting your plant.

How much water does the Aqua Camel reservoir hold?

The smaller, 1 gallon pot’s reservoir holds approximately 5 cups of water. The larger, 3 gallon pot’s reservoir holds approximately 1.43 gallons of water.

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